Desktop went blank after using VGA cable

I just bought a Zenbook UX32V recently, and it worked with no problems at first. Things started to get funny after I tried to use the VGA cable (with the extension that is given in one package with the RJ-45 cable port). I used it to watch films in another bigger monitor.

After quite some time, the problem arises. I occasionally get this problem. The desktop will be shown as blank (a little bit of gray color, not black like turned off monitors) after alt-tabbing from full-screen games. In some cases, I can also reproduce this problem right after turning on my laptop, or waking up from sleep mode.

The temporary solution that I found so far is to connect the VGA cable to the external monitor. The external monitor will then show up the desktop, and then I can manually type Fn+F8 to change again to laptop views. After that, things will go back as usual, but I started to wonder if this problem occurs when I'm outside and there is no external monitor to be connected to use my method.

The CPU itself is still responding when the screen went blank - I tried to open the control panel when the screen was still blank, and after I connected it to the external monitor, the control panel was already there.

What might be the cause of the problem and how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Try using Fn+F8 when it is grey - any change?
  2. I have tried it earlier when the problem occurred - no change, I still have to connect to the external monitor first before using Fn+F8 to go back to laptop view.
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    Next step is to reinstall the nVidia graphics driver from your backup disc or download an up-to-date version from asus HERE.
  4. Thank you for the reply, Flying-Q. I am currently downloading the latest VGA driver for nVidia from the link as you posted, and I will see and report back if the problem will still reproduce or not. Once again, thank you :)
  5. If it works please select best solution?
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