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I'm trying to optimize a Dell Studio laptop running Windows 7 x64, 4GB RAM (should be a quick machine is what I'm getting at!) and I'd prefer not to do a fresh install if I don't have to. I boot into safe mode and keep an eye on the startup drivers, and there are two or three that hang for several seconds as it scrolls through the list of *.sys files. What is the best way to isolate and identify those drivers, and how do I either repair or temporarily disable those (isolate from the boot sequence) to speed up the startup time?

I've searched this and other forums and can't seem to find a similar issue, otherwise I wouldn't post. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Well in safe mode your system will boot with minimal amount of needed drivers and if those hang then you should restore you system from the recovery partition
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    Try using CC cleaner to fix your registry. All drivers and services that are loaded during safe mode are essential and you should not disable them. Only thing you can do is to disable some programs that are loaded during startup in windows.
    Try to defragment your disk, it may speed up a bit process.

    Also if your HDD has lot of data, rather than just windows it is normal that it will boot longer, esspecially on laptop since your HDD is probably 5400rpm.

    Best regards :)
  3. If you are booting into SafeMode windows is loading the absolute bare minimum it needs to load so nothing you see loading there should be disabled/removed.

    What may look like driver stalling to you, is simply the driver loading and waiting for it to complete. The crypt one is one that many people think is "broken" because often the machine will stop on that. However, that is not the issue.

    If you want to speed up the machine you need to run MSCONFIG and then disable things you dont need through that. There you can do both autoruns and services without making permanent changes that arent easy to switch back.

    You can also do a google search for speeding up windows and there are many sites that will tell you which of those items listed in there are critical to windows and what the others do that you can disable so you know what functionality you are losing when you do disable them.

    If you are running Symantec/Norton anything. Delete it, as that is one of the biggest slow downs on any new computer, and then install AVG or another better and not such a system killer program.
  4. Thanks everyone!
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