SSD/HDD Setup - Where should I install my OS?

I'm building my new PC shortly and I bought a 1TB HDD and a 250GB SSD which I plan to use together in my system. My motherboard supports Intel Smart Response Technology, though I don't entirely understand how it works or if that factors into which drive I should install my OS on. Any tips?
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    With a 250gigabyte drive.

    Just install Windows and your most used programs to the SSD and use the hard drive for personal files(documents/desktop/ect). You have no need for SRT unless you have a smaller SSD(under 128gigabytes or so).

    Windows has a built in way to move may "users" folders to another drive or even network location.
  2. Install OS and some programs you use a lot on the SSD anything else goes to the HDD. Intel Smart Response Technology (Intel SRT) is a technology that allows your SSD (usually 20-60GB) "cache" your HDD. This will "boost" your HDD's speed and theoretically it should perform like an SSD.
  3. well you want to install your OS on the SSD with your favorite games/programs you will be using frequently. Downlaods and less frequently software put on the physical drive
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