Best cpu for gaming (£250 budget)

Hey guys

A mate of mine has got the following

AMD fx4100
Asus m5a78l-m USB 3
Asus Gtx 660ti
Corsair TX 650
8gb corsair vengeance

pc is used mainly for gaming and plays games such as

Bioshock Infinite
Battlefield 3
Arma 3

He's got £250 saved an wants to change the processor, but is not sure whether to switch to intel or just buy a better amd processor.

What do you guys think would be best?

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  1. he could go with an i5 but would be getting a cheaper intel board, but since hes alrdy have a cheaper amd board dont think itd be an issue. Or else go with an fx 8350/6300 and save the leftover money
  2. Best answer
    Without changing boards, go to a FX8350, it will be a MARKED improvement in his gaming performance.

    If he wants to change boards, he could go to an i5 intel...though it would be more hassle for similar performance to the FX8350.

    In the games he plays, there wouldn't be a noticeable enough difference between AMD/Intel...if it was me personally, I would upgrade to a FX8350 and pocket the rest of the money.
  3. agree'd the higher core count will help in bf3, and hopefully future games as well, id go fx 6300/8350 and save the rest
  4. brilliant, thanks for the help guys
  5. please share some solution love to one of us!
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