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I plan to build a gaming pc/htpc using an Intel Haswell i5-4670 CPU. I don't plan to overclock. I plan to hook up this PC to an LED TV via HDMI at 1080P and play games such as the Mass Effect Trilogy and Crysis Trilogy. I understand that the frames per second limit on HDMI is 60. I also understand that the higher the graphics settings, the lower the fps rate. I would appreciate any answers and/or advice for the following questions:

1. Is there a graphics card that can maintain 60fps or smooth gameplay at max graphics settings?

2. If the answer is yes for question number 1, how much would it cost?

3. Would I be better off with a single graphics card or dual graphics cards?

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  1. 1st) HDMI cables do NOT limit you to 60fps, or 60Hz. Both are limited to what your display can handle or vsync.

    2nd) only the highest end GPU's can handle Crysis 3 at max settings at 60fps, but a GTX 670 should give you very high settings at 60fps most of the time.

    3rd) a GTX 670 cost's between $300 and $400 (depending on brand, rebates, sales, etc.)

    4th) start out with a single card now, and if you need more power, upgrade later when an additional card will drop in price.
  2. Question 1 - Yes, there are cards capable of gaming at 60 fps at 1080p

    Question 2 - There are a few choices. I would suggest a 7950 or 7970 300-450 roughly.

    Question 3 - For gaming on one monitor a single gpu will be sufficient.
  3. I am looking at a 120HZ LED TV. Would the graphics cards suggested be able to handle that in single or dual card configuration at max settings above 60 fps without trouble? Also would I get better results in both graphics and fps from a single high end card or two mid-range cards?
  4. well, you may not get the highest settings at 120Hz in Crysis 3, but to get close to that, you're going to need a GTX 690 which costs $1,000.

    OR, you could get very good settings with a 7970 GHz edition for about $400

    it really depends on how much your budget is...

    take a look at this article though.,3107.html
  5. I am at least looking at a single graphics card between $300 and $500. I will probably get a motherboard that has dual video card capability in case I choose to add another card later on. Would I get smooth frame rates on high or very high settings at 1080p at the $300 to $500 price range? I feel that it is better that I try to achieve a balance between fps and graphics settings.
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    Go for the 7970 GHz edition (~$400) it's the best performance per dollar ratio. It was the fastest single GPU card out, then the GTX Titan released as a publicity stunt to knock AMD down (it's also $1000, but it's performance is much worse than a GTX 690). If you need more performance, adding a second will give you more performance than a GTX 690, but you should be fine with a singe 7970 GHz edition.
  7. Thanks for the input. I will probably start out with a single video card and then later decide when I upgrade to buy a new video card or add a second card.
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