Setting up password for a Netgear N150 Wireless Router WNR 1000

I am trying to set up a password for my wireless internet. I went to the netgearlogin site it said to go to & I can't find the answer I'm looking for. I also called the NETGEAR Support number listed on your page here and they asked my name and phone # and before I could get the area code out, he told me he would have a technician call me back shortly. Ummm is it just me or to do that wouldn't he need the whole phone #. Long story short, no better off now than I was 2 hrs ago. PLEASE HELP!!!
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  1. You need to enter the router config by typing in your browsers address bar, sign in to router (default password will be in the user manual)go to wireless settings. select wpa2 and type in a passphrase, click apply and your done.
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