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so i have a free dell we got from the phone company that has a seagate 80 gig hard drive, a cd drive that cant burn disks, and i think we just upgraded it to 4 gigs of ram from 250mb and a powerbox with no extra plugs. then i have a hp pavilion with a 500 gig sea gate barracuda 7200.11 hardrive, a light scribe cd drive(dvd writer model ts-h653), a nvidea geforce video card, and a nice sized powerbox. but my asus motherboard(Had a intel CPU if that important to know) is toast. i rebuilt the HP with the dell mother board and got it to boot with both dell and hp screens, but found out the computer was just to confused, to run past boot up. so when ever i want to run a game or burn a cd, i have to use my "cables to go" adapter to plug the hp hard drive or cd drive into the dells usb port. what i dont seem to understand is how i can use all my hp's components through a dell usb, but as soon as i put everything in the same case, it wont boot. i was wondering it there is any way to wipe the hp drives so that they are blank drives, because it is a seagate internal drive, so that means it had to have hp software installed on it. if i didnt explain that well, i'll list all the parts i want to put into my hp case.

from the dell-the dell mother board(including the AMD CPU and ram) with the dell hard drive(which i believe is also a seagate) and the dell cd drive.

from the hp- its light scribe cd port, the seagate hard drive, the nvidea gforce video card and the power box.

on a side note i know all the old hard drives had a special button on the back that reformatted them, as i had accidently done that and lost everything down to the operating system and computer brand a few years ago. but that machne was even old then, so is there a way to still do that or have the computer companies put an end to reformatting? if they did i feel like its to prevent me from doing what im trying to do with out buying new parts.
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  1. What models are the Dell and HP computers? Exactly what upgrades have you done with what parts? What is it are you trying to accomplish? Are you willing to spend any money?

    Answer some of these questions and I believe we can help you a lot more effectively.
  2. *Next time, state your problem clearly and list only the relevant points. I almost gave up reading through this to figure out your problem:

    You will usually get problems if you swap to a different motherboard for an existing Windows installation.

    You will need to REINSTALL WINDOWS from scratch. Unfortunately you likely have no Install discs, nor can you really get support now that you've cannibalized two systems.

    You probably should do this:

    1) Buy Windows 8 64-bit OEM (and later Start8 from Stardock to "fix" the new interface)

    2) Install Windows 8 (for now, unhook all hard drives except the one you intend to use for Windows)

    3) after Installation:
    - Install the main chipset and other relevant drivers from the motherboard support site
    - remaining drivers
    - Microsoft Updates
    - ACTIVATE your copy of Windows
    - hookup remaining hard drives
    - make a BACKUP IMAGE of your Windows installation to a secondary hard drive (Windows 8 Image and/or Acronis True Image free for select drives.)
  3. relevant points-

    swap the dell to the bigger case so i can utalize the extra plugs
    wipe the barracuda and run it as an auxiliary keeping the dells original drive
    add secondary light scribe cd drive with original dell
    both systems vista
  4. i called sea-gate and they said it should be possible, i just need to know the process. nothing is under warranty to its not like i have anything to lose in trying.
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