Can I run Skyrim?

My Question is Can I run Skyrim on high With AA with out exciting 70+c I can use blender in render 3d art it uses 100% of my cpu I never went above 47c in I had to Render some thing that took 45 mins so can I run this game?

Side Note my cpu is under clock at 2500 but I push those up to 3300 while gaming. my Mobo can't handle 3600 atm lolz
Here is My setup
Amd fx4100
AMD 8 gig entertainment ram
Radeon 7770 HD his
Crossair CX430 wat psu
HP 2159
3 Computer fans blowing hot air out of case
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    yes you can run Skyrim but the temps at 70C are not bad. The time to worry about temps with that card is 90C. Now as for on high setting I am unsure of because you are asking alot out of an entry level card
  2. Thanks Ill buy the game tomorrow or is Steam safe too buy from now?
  3. I have never had an issue buying from steam but I also like having a disk copy of my games.
  4. cool Thanks I just can't wait too play it looks fun
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