EVGA GTX 670 reference vs 670 FTW (Watercooling and OCing).


I'm trading in my MSI 670 PE for EVGA 670 reference cards because I want to water cool them but MSI's version doesn't have a full water block available for their model. I just found out that the reference EVGA 670 has a smaller PCB compared to the FTW. Does that make any difference in regards to overclocking? Should I just continue with the trade or just sell the card and buy a 670 FTW instead for OC and Water Cooling?

Thanks you!
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    Don't bet too much on overclocking, since Kepler is voltage locked you are very limited in that aspect. The FTW is probably binned better and has a more stable power delivery thanks to its 680 PCB, but, you could still be unlucky and get a card that craps out after a 10Mhz boost, on the same note theres a chance you could get a great reference card. The joys of the silicone lottery I suppose.
  2. Hmm.. so is it worth the trade then?
  3. alasam said:
    Hmm.. so is it worth the trade then?

    Idk about you but I love my GTX670 FTW from evga. WAY STABLE OC's Plus EVGA's K BOOST for Voltage makes it rock!! Also the fact that the 670 ftw uses the 680 pcb makes it easier to find watercooling solutions too. +105 pt +135 gpu c +240 mem c = 1332mhz core / 1174 mv))<<my sets in precision x // I plan on getting a second one and throwing it SLI!!
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