IDE drive setting with SATA DVD?

I was having trouble accessing the hard drive, IDE, after installing the operating system. The DVD is SATA and the hard drive is IDE. The system would not boot until I finally set the IDE drive to Cable Select. I have never ran across this before. Is this a normal thing, or specific to this motherboard and or bios?
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  1. It's normal thing. It depends how your IDE is connected, does it has superior, inferior connection etc.. If it's single IDE with sata drives (they are superior) then cable select is your option. Master would work (should work also) but it's not important at all.

    Best regards :)
  2. I have seen it in the past as a combination of board and drive. Pretty much the same as above just with a bit of extra info.

    Some WDC hard drives needed to be set to single without another drive on the cable.

    Also in general it should be BLUE(Board) | GREY(SLAVE) | BLACK (MASTER). Cable Select is just supposed to auto select(It has been known to be hit or miss with some drives/boards).

    Either way, Once you get it working right, It should stay that way.
  3. Hi :)

    One OLD is that IDE drive... ?

    They tend to start crashing between 4 and 7 years old on average...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. The drive could not be more than 2-3 years old at the most. It is a Western Digital drive.
    I set up these computers for Raw Thrills video games, Big Buck Pro, Fast and Furious, etc. Generally they work about the same, but the motherboards are getting old and very hard, if not impossible to find. Raw Thrills is not updating the drivers in their Linux software much anymore and we have a difficult time getting newer motherboards to work. The company has gone with a Dell computer and you can pick one of those up for $800.+! So we try to save money and keep the old stuff going. Gets harder everyday.
    It was nice when some companies had Windows based games and you could easily install a driver. Not sure, but I think the Raw Thrills stuff has software you cannot change.
    Just when you think you have everything figured out on drives and settings, something jumps up and surprises you. You have to have an open mind and not always stick with old knowledge, you can get stuck that way. Often I have to try what shouldn't work and it does.
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