GPU usage 97% Bad?

I was messing around with the new A realm reborn benchmark trying to get a higher score with my hd 7850 so i downloaded gpu tweak to overclock it some more. during the benchmark it peaked at 97% usage but the power stayed at a max of 60c will i have any problems as long as the temp is stable?

ps. the voltage went from a 900-1075.

just wanna make sure iam not pushing it to hard .
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    Not a problem as long as temperatures stay reasonable. 60C is very reasonable for a GPU.

    My graphics card runs at 100% load for several hours every day, and it's not complaining.
  2. Not a problem, just shows the game/program is ulitilizing the hardware properly (or wasting it on rendering tasks not needed, e.g. tessellated water in Crysis 2).

    You have a problem when usage is low, because that means your CPU is bottlenecking the system, or the game is crap.
  3. thanks alot.
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