What graphics card for my upgrade? I found out I can't use the card So...I have upgraded my Dell E521 to:

windows 7 home premium 32 bit

AMD Athlon 64x2dual core processor 440+

4gb ram

600W TR2 Thermaltake PSU

1 PCI Express 1.0 A (don't know what the A means but it said it)

I don't know much about the motherboard and quite frankly it all confuses me...but for the moment it has nvidia 6150LE integrated graphics. I know I should update the processor too but that all has me frazzled too. What is my best option as far as graphic cards go for 75-100? Any possible processor suggestions at a decent price are very welcomed too! And it will be hooked up to a 26" flat panel. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Did you plan on using this for gaming? If you were to upgrade the graphics card and the processor it still probably wouldn't be good for modern games. You have an AM2 socket I believe, and since it's a Dell computer, it probably won't support any of the AM2 quad core CPU's. I tried looking this model up but can't find any upgrade info.
  2. Well it's for his gaming and according to WOW it only fails to run Diablo III because of graphics. Yea the processor is just hovering above minimum but it says it will run it. And this game is what he has been wanting to run..a perpetual thorn in my side I tell ya!
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    You could put a radeon 7750 gddr5 1gb card in it. Anything more than that would be a complete bottleneck and waste of money.
  4. That processor wld certainly hold u back if u will gaming on as far as decent gaming u may even prefer a GTX 550Ti 1GB GDDR5.... what is the resolution of your screen??? If its Full HD 1920x1080 (i suppose) and if u will be gaming at this resolution then a processor upgrade would be highly reccomended as even with a better card than a gtx550 or hd 7750 ur processor would bottleneck it and u will not be able to play modern games at more or less than low/med settings...
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