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I turn it on, windows error recovery. I tired safe mode, safe mode with networkin, safe mode with command prompt, last known good configuation (advance) and start windows normally and all option takes me to windows boot manager. Here i tried windows memory diagnostic and everything don't work. I tries f10 and I don't know what to type. I download the windows vista on usb and tried f12 when turning it on and it can't read the usb. Please help me even if have to format/reset to factory setting, anything.
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  1. One for the Safe Mode options is Command prompt. If you can get into that, navigate to the file c:\windows\system32\config\system.sav then look in the same folder for a file called system.old. If the date beside that file is not too old, rename system.sav as system1.sav then rename system.old as system.sav. Try restarting but if that fails, you are almost certainly looking at a reinstall process.

    A Linux operating system which can run as a live CD would help you retrieve your files and folders and the USB port would almost certainly work under Linux.

    My preference is PCLinuxOS from Download it and burn using ImgBurn or similar to a bootable CD and it works without impacting on the hard disk at all but the Dolphin File Manager will give you access, regardless of any Windows passwords or permissions.

    EDIT: The USB problem was probably because the BIOS isn't set for USB Legacy Support so the ports don't work outside the OS. You could correct that in BIOS settings.
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