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If i have a 5.1 channel soundcard will i be wasting 2 (7.1-5.1)? My primary purpose is for gaming.
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    I... don't think this works the way you think it does. :P

    Do you have a 5.1 surround sound card and a 7.1 surround headphones? How are they connected?
  2. if thinking of getting a system with this sound card: Asus Xonar DG PCI Gaming soundcard, 5.1 Channel, Dolby, Up to 105dB, Built-in Headphone AMP,GX2.5 for realistic 3D audio, Low-profile bracket included and i want to use a 7.1 channel headset. Does that mean that i would feel no difference in terms of sound if i used a 5.1 channel headset?
  3. It depends - what headset is it?

    More than likely, it's either a USB headset, in which case you're screwed since it wouldn't use the sound card anyways, or it uses VIRTUAL 7.1 surround, which means that paying for a sound card is an absolute waste. *(Which it might be anyways - nicer motherboards with the realtek 898 audio codec are 7.1 surround with optical out anyways.)
  4. I'm thinking of the gamescom 780 which i think is a usb headset.
  5. what headphones should i be looking for that works well with my sound card?
  6. USB plug, 7.1 digital:

    Two questions:
    1) Do you already own the sound card?
    2) What motherboard do you have?

    Like as not, that sound card is pointless - it's so cheap that the integrated sound card on your motherboard might even be better. Generally there's not much point to sound cards until you start hitting $100+ because there's little difference between onboard sound and low-end sound cards nowadays.
  7. ASRock Z77-EXTREME4 MB, Intel Z77, 4x DDR3, 2x PCI-E 3.0, 4x SATA III, 4x USB 3.0, D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, GBLAN, ATX this is my motherboard.

    No i dont own the sound card yet.
  8. That comes with the Realtek ALC898 codec, which is going to be equal to, if not better than, that sound card.

    Just grab the motherboard and the headset and be happy. :)
  9. so i shouldnt get a sound card. What if i am not using the headset will i still hear sound?
  10. Xlolxz said:
    so i shouldnt get a sound card. What if i am not using the headset will i still hear sound?

    Well... If you have speakers, you'll be able to use those. I mean, the motherboard already has a sound-card built in - you can plug speakers, ect into there.
  11. k, thx for your help. So if i plug in my speakers without the sound card i will still hear sound.
  12. Yes... of course.

    Your motherboard HAS a sound card built into it... you plug the speakers into that.
  13. thx so much for your help
  14. Of course. If you could select a best answer, it'd be appreciated. :)
  15. i did already :)
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