system hangs for 1 sec frequently

I have read a lot of posts in a lot of different places and none seem to address what is happening with my system.
I run Windows 7 Pro 64bit on an AMD Phenom II X6 system with 16Gb of ram and a pair of 7200RPM drives in striped RAID. When I play games regardless if the game is for online or offline play about every 30 seconds or less I get a 1 second system hang. This happens all the time and nothing I have done so far has taken care of it.
What I have done is to limit what has been installed on the system, made sure all drivers for everything are up to date, done a clean install of the OS, changed anti-virus software, ended process on a lot of different things and edited the boot process to prevent some programs from starting. I have disabled some services that are not needed for my PC, checked the system logs but there is no indication that anything is wrong there. I have made sure that no app is looking for updates automatically and I don't have any backup or repair apps allowed to run.
It appears that something is running in the background frequently and that is causing the hangs, but for the life of me I can't find it. I don't notice anything during normal system use, just in the games.
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  1. I would do a fresh install I know that its a pain in the butt and then update everything in your system all drives and software.
  2. I appreciate your response Bennie101, but if you read the entire post I made you would have noted that I have done a fresh install and the issue still exists.

    Thank you though
  3. No one has any suggestions on what might be running that is causing the system to lag?
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