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Fresh install of w7. Cant install drivers?

Last response: in Windows 7
April 1, 2013 10:43:25 PM

Hey guys!
So I've reinstalled windows 7 64bit home prem on my PC but now it wont install the drivers. I get an error (I'll call it error1) saying that the drivers arent the right version (32/64bit) but Ive tried installing both.

ERROR1 pictre (taken on laptop, note "Things I've noticed")

Im downloading the drivers on my laptop because my PC cant connect to the internet without the LAN drivers. Tried all the drivers apart from the RAID ones because I dont use RAID and the latest Nvidia driver wont install either. <Drivers

Things I've done-
*Re-installed windows (5 times now)
*Tried extracting the drivers onto my USB and copying them across; files get deleted in the process (why?????)
*Installing programs that arent drivers; perfectly fine.

Things I've noticed-
*I can extract the drivers on my laptop but once I try to extract them on my PC I cant extract them anymore on the laptop (get the error1 message)
*I've installed uTorrent, worked.

Theres 2 things that pop into my head; either I have to download the drivers on my PC (cant do because I cant connect to the net on it), I need the original drivers that came on the disc (which I've lost) or my storage driver has a virus or something not allowing me to install the drivers.

If I try to run the .exe's in admin mode I get an error saying that windows cannot locate the file and that the directory has been miss-typed.

Thats all I've gotten so far, any ideas guys?
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