SLI or one card?

Right now I have one asus gtx 660 ti in my build. I'm either looking to upgrade in SLI mode by buying another 660 or should I get 1 single gtx 670? Budget really doesn't matter as long as its within the $300 range. I'm more hoping to get better performance. I play mostly battlefield 3 and are hoping to increase the frames. I am using a corsair TX750 watt power supply. What should I do?
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  1. from 660 ti it wont be a much noticeable upgrade to a 670
    You can go for SLI or if single Card a factory overclocked 3GB 7970 or even a GTX Titan if you can fund it.
    But note:
    Single card is better but SLI is stronger
    660 Ti SLI > GTX 680
    but sli brings issues
    more heat
    more power consumption
    more driver issue
    some game doesn't have sli support so 2nd gpu doesn't kick in.

    Its a matter of personal preference.
  2. any other input?
  3. If your PSU can give it adequate power then yes I would go for SLI. Either that or sell your GTX 660 TI and buy a Radeon 7970 GHz edition.
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