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According to this chart: CM Hyper 212 evo is 6.4 degrees cooler than Noctua NH-C12P (with high fan speed). So here's the question... Noctua costs twice as much as Hyper 212 and is to my understanding considered to be a superior heatsink; is there any reason that I am not aware of why I should spend more and get less?
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    Because the Noctua has a lower sound rating?
    Cause its Noctua (and if there is an NF-F12 fan on the heatsink, that would be worth $20+ of the heatsink's total cost)
    A quirk of Supply and Demand, for instance a H100 is selling for $30 more than a H100i on Newegg, simply because the H100 is out of production and becoming rarer.

    Some products are just better than others, and the 212 EVO is a very respectable heatsink that is known for being great value. There's a reason why its so popular.
    IMO, no point in buying mid-range cooling. Just go with the 212 EVO, and if you want more cooling, jump straight to something like an NH-D14.
  2. OK, thanks!
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