Is it possible to overvolt a AMD 7730m

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R SE (7520). It comes with a AMD 7730m, Have already overclocked it with MSI Afterburner CORE 575 to 680 MHz and MEM 900 to 1000mhz. AMD 13.1 Drivers. My temps peak at 63 degrees under load ( MSI KOMBUSTER) so there is still room for better FPS. Does anyone know how to unlock the voltage feature on this graphics card??? Have explored many options to their fullest MSI AFTERBURNER, OC GURU, TRIXX, ATI TOOL, and a few others with no success.

Any tips will be much appreciated. =D
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    Realistically, unless there are higher voltage entries in the BIOS compared to usually, there is no way to overvolt mobile GPUs that I know of.

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