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hey there, i cant change my games resolution, my netbook specs acer aspire one ao532h intel atom n450 1.6ghz windows 7 starter 1gb RAM and intel GMA 3150. i try to change but still the same. the games i played, call of duty 1, fate and battlefield1942. please help me. thanks
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  1. What resolution are you trying to change to? What is the maximum resolution of your system? Do you have the Intel GMA driver installed?
  2. to 600x400 and the game colour strange. the game texture look very big. maximum resolution 1024x600. yes i have it. why this happend? i didn't change anything before,
  3. my bad, not 600x400 but to 800x600.
  4. So you are trying to change the game resolution to 600x400? It's a stange value, not sure that many games or displays support it by default. Can you not run at the native resolution?
  5. before this the game was okay with 800x600 resolution. i cant change it. all game had the same problem. my desktop okay. no problem with resolution. i try to fix it but still the same. it can run smoothly,
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