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can someone please explain to me the difference between the oc ed gpu and the non oc version of it?
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    Overclocked GPUs are the same GPUs as regular ones (non-OC), only set to run at higher speeds. Often, these GPUs are coupled with improved/better cooling solutions to deal with the additional heat generated from the higher speeds.
  2. Oc'ing gpu's shortens its life expectancy right? so if I buy the Oc ed one, the life expectancy is less compared to the non oc or still the same because of it's cooling solutions?
  3. Not necessarily. It is really a matter of keeping the system properly cooled and with good, clean power (from the PSU). What is the price difference of the GPUs you are considering?
  4. I would get the 2GB version (the cheaper is only 1GB). You can tweak the speed yourself easily.
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