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Hi, Next week I'm going to buy the parts for my new computer, but I'm not really sure what to pick.
I'll be using After Effects, Photoshop, 3DS Max, Visual Studio, and others. I'll also be uploading a lot of videos to YouTube and some gaming.
Don't even bother saying that something is cheaper or sending me links from store, because i'm not in US.
I was thinking about going for an AMD FX 8320, because I'll be doing some hardcore multitask and they're cheaper than i7. What are your opinions?
And for the GPU, I was thinking about te AMD HD 7870, because I rather play on the Xbox, so only some games that are not so demanding will be played. Also, i chose it because they can handle the softwares, mentioned above, easily. I'll use a triple monitor setup, but not for gaming, for gaming I'll only use a single. The reason of the triple monitor is because of multitask. Do you guys think that the 7870 will handle triple monitor non-gaming?
And how many GBs of RAM you guys think I need? 16 or 32?
The other parts I can decide myself, thanks.
Please, make constructive comments and not stupid fanboy wars!
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  1. AMD sound good for CPU and GPU. The 7870 will handle the 3 monitor setup without any issues that I can think of, just make sure you have the right connectors for all of the 3 monitors. I would start with 16 gb's of RAM and see how that works. If you need more than just buy more.
  2. Don't forget to buy a cpu cooler - you will want to OC that cpu.
  3. Buy the saphire hd 7870 "XT". Its based on the hd 7950 pcb, and a bit faster
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