SLI-ing two different cards (Silly question)


I think I know the answer already but I thought I'd ask just to be sure. I have a 560ti (fermi) and I'm pretty much hit the wall with what I can do with it. I saw a deal for a GTX 670 Here and am getting it. I know if you SLI two cards with different amounts of VRAM that it will use the lesser amount. Since they have the same amount, is it worth it to SLI them? Or is the 670 alone the way to go.

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  1. I don;t think you can sli two different cards two different makes of the same card you can, i would not even try to sli 560ti and 670
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    You can't sli a 560 ti and a 670 together. Stick with a single 670, or get 2 670's.

    thats to card you have work perfect in sli
    i use 470 in quad
    is just 480 so can do that in 400 serie
    and i can use 470and 570,all diffrets card together
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