Control over my computer is lost + black screen in certain games.


Extremely similiar problem to this: This is from another forum so i'll give a quick overview.

Whenever I'm playing certain games, it tends to crash. This does not happen with all games. Tomb Raider 2013 doesn't crash, but let's say CoD crashes.
Sometimes games crash after a couple of minutes of gameplay and sometimes it crashes after about 30minutes.
Screen "goes to sleep", sound messes up and I am forced to restart my PC manually, because it does not respond.
Can't be overheating afaik, checked with HWMonitor, got quite reasonable temps.
Also, about the games, for example: GTA IV doesn't crash but a low demanding game like maplestory does.
Some of the games that crash are playable in window mode but aint in fullscreen, others aren't playable at all (will crash quite quickly).

CPU: E6300
GPU: Geforce GT220
3GB of RAM

Will get further information if needed.
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  1. Oh, the OS is Windows XP
  2. Still having the problem.
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