ASUSTeK M5A97 R2.0 Temp problems

Oh hi, im new too tom'sHardware. Ive got an little bit of an problem with my new ASUSTeK M5A97 R2.0 motherboard, yeah the temps... My idle temp is around 40 - 50 C, wich i think is a little bit too high. my mobo temp after running Prime95 for 5 mins is 60 - 70 C.

My chassi is an CoolerMaster silencio 550 with the stock chassi fans. An Artic cooler freezer 7 pro 64 something as CPU fan. The CPU is a AMD FX-8120 BTW.

I was wondering how i can get my MoBo temps down a little, I got only 1 chassi fan space left.
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  1. You should try re-seating your CPUs heatsink and reapplying thermal paste first. Adding a chassis fan or even upgrading all of them won't bring down the temps that far from 40-50C. Take off your heatsink, clean all the thermal paste on it and on the CPU. Then, apply a small dab of it on the CPU and place the heatsink carefully. Make sure all the pins and screws are popped in and / or screwed in tightly.
  2. Can the cpu make the motherboard thet hot? OK i will try what you said first, re-seating the heatsink.

    I think I have touched the mobo without grounding myself... This is my first build sooo, yeah! Can touching the mobo cause heat problems like this?
  3. Touching the mobo can cause you to shock it electrically, causing a whole mess of problems, but heat problems are definitely NOT one of them.

    If the CPU is running really hot, then it can make the rest of the mobo hot, definitely. I just took a look at the case and it should be providing more than appropriate air flow.
  4. Lack of VRM cooling likely to blame. I say this because I own this board, and have recently had to downgrade temporarily from a higher end or more OC'ing focused board. I noticed my OCing hit a big wall very early, and It is I think from there being no heatsink for the VRMs (located near the CPU toward the IO shield (behind the long row of sticking up squares or MOSFETS if your familiar) I wish I had better advice, beings I would say pop a old / extra / buy a Heatsink or something, but there is stuff in the way of even a very skinny heatsink.
  5. The Cooler Master Silencio 550 has only room for three 120mm fans. The stock fans are locked at a slow 800 RPM. I would use all three available spaces and replace the stock fans with ones that move more air.

    COOLER MASTER SickleFlow 120 R4-L2R-20AR-R1 120mm Silent operation
    Air Flow 69.69 CFM
    Noise Level 19 dBA
    (fans are available with/without LEDs) This one has red LEDs. They are available with a $5 rebate from time to time.
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