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I'm just after receiving a ZyXEL WAP3205 V2 in the post and want to use its universal repeater function so that I can have a strong wireless connection from the back of the house. I think I have it set up correctly however when I connect to it I'm not getting internet access it says "another computer on this network has the same IP as this computer" - to make it more clearer I think it is saying that "A computer is using the same IP address that the ZyXEL WAP is trying to use" I know because it says on the ZyXEL wap that it uses the IP address the problem is my laptop is using this IP address too. I've tried turning off the laptop and turning it back on but it still uses the IP address. I've also tried creating a static IP address by going to the properties of internet protocol version 4 setting up the IP but when I do this I don't get Internet access when even when I'm just connected to the main router. I think that if I was able to get my laptop to use a different LAN IP then I would be able to connect to the WAP and then to the internet and then through this I could change the IP that the wap uses in its settings panel but I need to be connected to the internet through the WAP to do this. Any ideas? Cheers Aaron!

EDIT: I think I might be ableto change the IP sucessfully if the Local Area Connection icon was displaying under network connections. I was trying to change the LAN IP through the properties of the wireless network connection because that was the only ICON there. Any ideas on how to make the Local Area Connection Display?
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