how good is the GTX 650 ti for gaming???

I want to buy a graphics card.. but im not sure which one... but I found this gtx 650t 2gb on so can any of you guys tell me how goods it is??? can I play cod4 mw1 on its best graphics without that it lags or how???please help me!!
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  1. What is your budget and where are you located? To answer your question though, the 650ti is a solid video card that should be able to easily handle COD mw1.

    However, it is important that we know what the rest of your system specs are so we can determine if the 650ti is going to work or be an upgrade for you.
  2. You can run COD4 maxed out no problem, it's an old game. You could even play the new call of duty games no problem.
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