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I am just installing a GPU on my ASUS Z77-D2H motherboard with an intel I7 CPU.
I currently use the integrated GPU of the CPU and thus just put in a new ASUS Nvidia GPU. After doing so the PC gets stuck in the BIOS splash screen, I can not enter the BIOS, or do anything. After removing the GPU the PC boots up just fine. What can I do? I have a 750 W power supply, so that is not the issue. The GPU fan is running and a light on the GPU is on as well, I see the splash screen when the monitor is connected to new GPU, integrated GPU output is disabled apparently.

THanks for any suggestions.
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  1. Which GPU? Do you have the power connectors for the GPU connected?
  2. Thanks for the reply,

    GPU is Asus GTX Titan, Motherboard is Gigabyte z77-D3h (sorry for earlier mistake). Power cables are attached from PSU to GPU, one 6 pin and one 8 pin.
  3. Try another 16x slot on your motherboard, maybe its a bad slot?
  4. I had a similar problem. When you contact your video card manufacture, tell them it's isn't compatible with your motherboard and ask if there is a firmware update for your video card. then they will send you one and after installing it to your video card, it will work fine.
  5. That should no be an issue, up until the release of Haswell that was a current mobo. Also, look at the date of last reply on threads before posting. Necroing isnt allowed.
  6. Actually, I just had this same problem with my new X70 mobo and GTX 780 card.

    The problem is similar to what was outlined above, but with a twist. The bios on your mobo doesn't support the new cards from the 700 series. It's a simple fix though. Pop in an old card and you'll notice that your system starts np. Then go to the Asus site and grab their most recent bios for your mobo. Update it ( carefully ), and them pop back in your Titan.

    If you do use an old gpu for the bios update, make sure you try and use an NVidia one so that you don't end up with ati drivers to uninstall later.

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