Any good cases under 80 from cooler master

is there any good cases from cooler master that would be good for my new build? i would preferably not want to buy extra fans but if i have to i will.

Here's my rig

- GTX 660 (possibly 2)
- i5 3570k ivy bridge 3.4 Ghz
- 8gb or 16 gb of ram
- corsair CX 600w
-WD caviar black (1 tb)

any suggestions on the rig would be highly appreciated as-well.

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  1. Hi :)

    80 what? Russian rubles ?

    This is an International site...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. ahaha yea sorry i forgot to add a currency, US or Canadian $
  3. +1 ^

    I wholeheartedly endorse the HAF 912. Comes with 2 120mm fans, one front bottom, one back top. Has room for another 120 up front, two on top and either a 120 or 140 on the side. Or you can go with a 200 in front and/or on top. Excellent cable management as well. About the ONLY downside to it is no front USB 3.0 ports, but considering I do not yet have any USB 3.0 devices... :D
  4. Cooler master HAF XM is a beast of a case, it has reeeaaaallyyy bigg space inside it. :bounce:
    I altso think that the case looks realy awesome and the cablemanagment is like a dream. :pt1cable:
    It altso comes with three big fans ( 2 X 200mm and one 120mm)

    But the case itself is quite big (between a middi and a big tower) so make sure you have a lot of space! :wahoo:
  5. I would recommend you go to Interloper's website under computer cases section.

    They have CoolerMaster Cases under 80$ and they are pretty good.
  6. I like what everybody said about the HAF 912. Its really nice and has excellent cable management as well as some pretty good airflow. I also reccomend the cooler master storm scout SCG-2000. It has a front 140mm red led intake fan,120 mm back exhaust fan, and a 140mm top fan. It locks your peripheals, side panel window with another fan mount and a bottom mounted psu and toolless drive bays.
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