Whats the best way to use a H60 water cooler in a Inwin dragon slayer mATX case.

hi, i have a H60 water cooler in a Inwin dragon slayer case mATX. What would be the besy way to setup the fans in this case to keep my cpu temps low and to keep the case cool. i have 2 side fans (2x 120mm), 2 front fans (1x 140mm, 1x 90mm), 1 back fan (1x 80mm) and two 120mm fans with the h60. what would be the best way to keep the temps inside the case very low. i also have crossfire in this setup, would i need to keep the graphics card cool aswell.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.
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  1. Your gpus vent internal or external?
  2. what do u mean by that. sorry im new to this as its my first build
  3. Put it in the roof if you have space, avoid using it as an intake in the rear of the case like Corsair suggests, leads to terrible GPU temperatures. The rear exhaust in a case usually gets rid of the most heat, so putting it in the roof wont cook the radiator like having it in the rear exhaust would.
  4. so how would i set the fans on the radiator if i was to have the radiator on the top of the case. would this be okay, if i have the radiator attached to the top of the case, then a fan under the radiator blowing air onto it and then one on the exterior of the case (ontop of the radiator ) and have this as exhaust. but if i was to do this, i need cool air entering the case to blow on the radiator, what would you recommend. thanks
  5. You don't need intake fans, its certainly better to have them, but having only exhaust means you decrease the pressure in the case, so air rushes into it to compensate. The way you proposed is fine.
  6. okay thanks. i also have one rear fan, 2 side fans and 2 front fans. which ones shud i have as exhaust and intake. keeping in mind i have crossfire.
  7. Heat rises, adjust your fans accordingly. You want intake low in the case, and exhaust high. Basically just have the side and front intake, and the rear and top exhaust.
  8. the exhaust for the graphics card takes out really hot air. one of the side fans is right infront of the gpus exhausts. shud i have that fan as exhaust taking the hot air out or does that not matter. thanks for all your help mate. really appreciated.
  9. forgot to mention my setup.

    This is my setup.
    Power supply: TX750m
    Processor: intel i5 3570k
    Cooler: H60 cooler
    RAM: 16gb vengeance ram
    Graphics: 2x hd 6870s crossfire
    1x Hitachi 2tb
    1x 120gb Agility 3 SSD
    1x Bluray drive
    Motherboard: Asus maximus v gene
    Case: In win Dragon slayer mATX
    Fans: 4 fans (molex), 3 fans (motherboard)

    hope this helps
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