Front panel USB 3.0 not working

I recently built a gaming computer, and i can't get the front USB 3.0 to work. There is no power coming from the USB slot, and it isn't detected in windows. I installed all the latest drivers from Intel, but no luck. Am I doing something wrong, or is the front USB, or motherboard DOA? The Header cable is coming from my case, which is a Thermaltake commander ms-i snow edition. My motherboard is the MSI B75MA-E33.

Although it doesn't affect use on the computer, It has made me crazy trying to fix it. Has anyone had a similar problem, and know how to fix it?
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  1. Is there mobo drivers on the MSI site for your usb3?
  2. dish_moose said:
    Is there mobo drivers on the MSI site for your usb3?

    Yep, installed the latest drivers, had no luck.
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    Latest BIOS? Ports enabled in BIOS?
  4. dish_moose said:
    Latest BIOS? Ports enabled in BIOS?

    I have been playing around with the bios, and double checked that the USB 3.0 option was enabled.

    Update: Got the port to work after updating the bios again. Turns out the bios needed to be re-written, weird that it didn't work in the first place though.
  5. Good job - thanks for the update.
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