Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 dead?

Hey everyone,

I recently received a gigabyte HD 7950 as a gift and upgraded my system. I cannot get it to POST with the card hooked up.

Asrock 880g pro3 mobo
OCZ 550w modular PSU.

With the 6+2 and 8 pin power cords plugged in, I get a Dr. Debug error of 0x97 (console output devices connect). I have tried updating the UEFI BIOS to latest version(1.4), downgrading to oldest(1.1), reseating the card, etc. The fans on the card do spin.

Most recently I have switch UEFI bios to onboard graphics first, and with the HD 7950 still I place I receive error 0x0d (Problem related to memory, VGA card or other devices. Please clear CMOS, re-install the memory and VGA card, and remove other USB, PCI devices.)

I have also put back in my old HD 6850, which worked. Do you think the card is dead or there is some incompatibility with my mobo?

Thanks. Hope someone can help!
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  1. sounds dead just rma it
  2. if the card is not UEFI ready.....then your card will not work if you are using UEFI BIOS. Had the same issue. Fan spins, but no signal.
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