Torchlight 2 or Fallout New Vegas?

I have $10 in my steam wallet and don't know what to get. I'm sick of multiplayer FPS games and need a break. I want a nice singleplayer game (RPG, open world, i don't care), that will be fun and relaxing. I have been looking at Torchlight 2 (onsale for $9.99), or Fallout New Vegas (Also $9.99).

If you have any other recommendations for games i should check out for under $10 i will gladly look in to it... :). The reason i am asking is because i have always just been into FPS games and don't know what RPG's are good.
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  1. Fallout new Vegas is an excellent choice.
  2. I second that. The combat system also for either FPS or "stategic" choices in real time
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    Never played Torchlight but according to Steam I have played New Vegas 144 hours. So I guess I liked it a little bit! Played it twice once just to beat it and once I finished every quest I could and all the DLC. The complete play through took almost 100 hours. I can see playing it again too. I probably played Fallout 3 all the way through 4 or 5 times.
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