need a video card to support 4 monitors

After doing some research; it seems like gtx 660 or an hd 7870 are most likely going to be my next video card. Those are my low end choices.

My higher end choices would be a gtx 660ti or a hd 7950. I'd like to avoid this area if possible.

I am going to have 4 monitors. 2 at the bottom will be 22 and 24 inches at 1920x1080 and 1680x1050. The 2 at the top are older monitors with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Those 2 will be at 1280x1024.

I won't be using my multi monitors for anything like eyefinity. My main uses for having multiple screens is for when I am working on projects. I still do play games like league of legends and diablo 3 but those games are better off on 1 screen. I still do like to have multiple browsers up while playing those games though.

Some of my bigger concerns are whether or not the 2 lower end cards (660 and 7870) will give me a smooth picture at all time while running 4 monitors. I currently run a gtx 550ti with 2 monitors and sometimes when I drag a browser from 1 screen to another, it will start glitching a little. This isn't a huge problem for me but it'd be nice to not have the same problem in the future.

So what would you guys suggest? Should the 660 or 7870 be fine for what I need or would you suggest I spend the extra 100 and get the 7950/660ti?
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  1. I would suggest going with the 7950 for that setup.
  2. do you think that a gtx 660 or a 7870 wont be able to handle that setup?
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    It really depends on what settings for your gaming monitor you feel are ok to you. If you are happy with medium settings on most games than you would look at the 7870 but if you want high/ultra settings look at the 7950.From what i know amd's multi monitor support is much better than nvidia's. but im not 100% sure you can pull off having 4 monitors in the setup that you want id look into it to be sure you can before ordering anything.If you can than id for sure go with a 7950 but you will need adapters and all that to do multi monitor as with most cards.
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