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Lacie External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

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April 2, 2013 8:49:51 PM

Hi everybody,

I have just purchased a Lacie P'9230 4tb external hard drive. Following the simple instructions, I power it up, plug in the USB 3.0 cable (my PC also has USB 3.0) and I switch it on. It starts up, prompting me to launch the Lacie Setup Assistant. Unfortunately, the assistant fails me. It gets stuck.

So I Google the issue, and it appears that this does happen rarely (of course, to me) so I go on to Google how I handle this manually.

I find out I have to format the drive. So I do, but then I see that it only shows up as 2tb (1.99tb to be exact) but not 4 tb. So I Google further, and then after reading an article, I delete the volume. Now I can't even see the drive in the 'computer management' section, although I can see the 'unallocated parts'. This is what it looks like:

In that screen shot, you can see that the drive doesn't show up at the top. Now - on the left hand 'unallocated' box, (2048GB) when I left click, it gives me the options, 'New Simple Volume'. 'Properties, and 'Help'. On the right hand 'unallocated' box, (1678.02GB) if I left click, it gives me only the options of 'Properties' and 'Help'.

So, at this point I'm lost and I need your help. Of course, all I want is to be able to use my external hard drive.

I'm using a PC and have Windows 8. I'm currently running a hexa core intel i7 with 64gig RAM with around 4TB of internal hard drive space. I appreciate all your help.


PS. I have also searched for drivers/software for Lacie and I've had no luck.

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April 2, 2013 10:13:53 PM

Is the Lacie assistant widows 8 compatible?
Is it a single drive or 2 discs in an enclosure?
From the screen you posted it looks as if there are 2 drives or you have 2 partitions.
Without more info I have no idea what is going please post more.
On their site there is a USB 3.0 optimised driver have you tried that?
Have you tried a different cable/port?
What about win 8? is/are there problems with the OS working with drives that large?
April 3, 2013 6:05:53 AM

As the product states here: is Windows 8 compatible.

I'm not sure if it's a single drive, or 2 discs in an enclosure - how could I tell that? I can't open it up.

RE USB 3.0, I have not got that driver installed. But what difference would that make in seeing simply that I have 4tb on my screen? Right now I don't see anything.

I have not not tried a new USB Cable, again I'm not sure what difference that would make in simply viewing the fact that I have a external hard drive on my screen (remember, I can't see the drive come up under 'Start >> 'Computer' section, I can only see this And remember, look at the top of that screen shot ...I see my internal drives, but I don't see 'Lacie'. It should come up, but it doesn't. I deleted the volume, so I guess that's why it's gone. How do I get it back?

There are no issues with my Win 8 or my OS at large.
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a b G Storage
April 3, 2013 9:16:30 PM

Will the assistant start up with the drive disconnected?
Try that and if it asks for you to insert the USB cable it might just fix this mess.
But you definitely have 2 partitions on that drive7 which I assume is the lacie.
I don't know if this would help, but system restore could take you back before you deleted the volume.
Just some thoughts...
April 4, 2013 6:38:00 AM

A friend of mine had come over and fixed the issue. I'm not entirely sure how he did it, so I can't document it here. Apologies for that. So, a new issue has come up since: As you know, this Lacie External Hard Drive is USB 3.0 and so is my PC. However, the drive does not work with my USB 3.0 ports in the BACK of my PC. It does however, work with ALL the 2.0 USB ports. It also DOES work with the USB 3.0 ports on the FRONT of my PC.

Very odd. Other things, such as webcams, and charging cables work fine with these USB 3.0 ports at the back, it's just this Lacie external hard drive that doesn't work. Weird huh?