multi-monitor, 2 video cards or 1?

If I add a 2nd card to my computer will I have driver issues? I use a gtx 550ti and was thinking about adding another card. Preferably an amd card. So I was thinking I could just add a 4850 or something on there and I should be able to run 4 monitors. 2 on each card.

However, I am curious..

What will happen when I choose to play a game. Which video card will be used for gaming? How will it be able to recognize the gtx 550ti for games instead of the 4850..?
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  1. You can't really have one AMD and one Nvidia card in a system.

    Sell the GTX550ti and buy the best card you can afford...

    Modern cards, HD6xxx or HD7xxx or GTX6xx series card can all run 3 or more monitors...
  2. You can have amd and nvidia in the same system but it complicates things. Software will use whichever you set to the primary monitor. But some games just have issues and/or lower performance with monitors on both. Although I haven't encountered the issue with intel igpus with either amd or nvidia. Older gpus seem to have more driver conflicts.

    The lower end gpus may not support 3+. The 600 series can support 4 but the lower end cards usually only have 3 outputs. The amd cards need displayport to support 3 or more which is usually not on the lower models.
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