multi-monitor, 2 video cards or 1?

If I add a 2nd card to my computer will I have driver issues? I use a gtx 550ti and was thinking about adding another card. Preferably an amd card. So I was thinking I could just add a 4850 or something on there and I should be able to run 4 monitors. 2 on each card.

However, I am curious..

What will happen when I choose to play a game. Which video card will be used for gaming? How will it be able to recognize the gtx 550ti for games instead of the 4850..?
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  1. AMD and NVIDIA are not compatible to work with each other....The driver conflict would be so huge that all time and space would cease to exist!
    You need to get another 550ti for SLI.
    I am not sure but someone in here might know if you can run 2 GTX550tis independently which would provide the 4 DVI connections.
    But, I doubt it.
    If you just want 4 screens for gaming then you would probably want to look at AMD and 1 BIG card if you don't have Xfire mobo.
    Newer NVIDIA cards do have the multi-monitor support too but are more expensive so it's your call.
    Please list your system specs too! CPU, MoBo, and Power supply.
  2. the multimonitor is not for gaming purposes. I multi task on my desktop and am going to expand from my current 2 monitor setup to a 4 monitor setup.

    I thought a gtx550 sli will run as just a faster version of a 550. Which would mean that I would still only be able to run 2 monitors but will have more power and speed.

    My initial idea was to run 2 cards independently but I dont know how that would interfere with my gaming (when i do decide to play games.) I onl play league of legends and prefer using only 1 monitor for games. But I do like having a guide up on a browser on my 2nd monitor while playing my games.

    My specs are:
    asus p8v77 lk? something like that. it was around $130
    rosewill 1300w lighting psu
  3. If you get another 550ti you have to have sli off to have 4 monitors. Games will only use one but you can easily enable/disable sli in nvidia control panel. It will disable a monitor as with sli you can only have 3. If you don't even need/want sli you could just get a lower end nvidia card.
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