Looking for new case and CPU cooler

Sorry if i'm not clear about this, i'll do my best!

I am looking to purchase a new case since my Antec 900 does not have space for a dual 120mm rad. I was wondering what would be the best cooling option for me? I would like to overclock so i am looking for a closed loop water cooling unit, but i want to get the best performance possible. Also i will be purchasing a new case as well so if you guys have a combo that synergizes well that would be great.

I have a Socket 1155 if that matters. With an ATX motherboard, i have a Raedeon HD 6950 MSI Twin Frozr III...

cant think of anything thing else that would matter too much.

as far as the looks for the case, i would like something plain black and just a box, nothing too flashy... a side panel would be nice though. And a Air Filter is a MUST!

PS. Doesnt have to be dual 120mm, it can be 140mm or what ever will do the job best!
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  1. patrick47018 said:

    I was thinking more of a H110 or a Kraken X60, however I haven't been able to find any benchmarks of the two.
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