AMD10-5800K Integrated HD 7660D vs AMD HD 7570

Alright so I have recently bought a new computer with this CPU and caught the attention of my eye when it had also came with the dedicated gpu 7570. After doing further research on my new computer I discovered that the AMD HD 7570 rarely 'exists'. The drivers for it were hard to find, and I believe the Catalyst Control Center is even compatible with it. I've played a few games so far and it's been decent. But after watching a few YouTube videos with the 7660D's performance I was thinking of just disabling the 7570.

So I'm just wondering if anyone knows much about the AMD HD 7570, if the 7660D performs better, and how would I go on about disabling the dedicated GPU? Thank you.
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  1. You could try switching it off in BIOS, but why not just open up the case and physically take it out?
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