i bad need help! don't know how to OC my Processor

i have core i5 3330 3.0GHZ i want it to be overclocked at 3.20ghz..i don't know how can somebody help me how to do it on my BIOS? i have asus p8z77-pro M motherboard.. any help will be very much appriciated! :) thanks in advance..
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    For a non "K" series processor the only way to overclock them is to do it by changing BLCK, which is set at 100MHz and can quickly get unstable when changed to high. You maybe able to use an application like the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility to change it with that board or change the setting in the bios but be warned you have to be very careful when playing with these settings.
  2. so it means that for longer lifespan of my non K processor it is best to keep it un-overclock? right? your suggestions made me think that i'm doing an critical way and high risk to damage my I/O ports and processor.. Thanks!!!
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