Will my power supply hold up with my specs?

Ram - DDR3 6gb
Hard Drive - 1tb (Not sure exact name as its the one I'm currently using on this Pc)
Case - IN-WIN BW135 Black Tool-Less Tower Gaming Case
CPU - Intel Pentium G2130 Socket 1155 Dual Core Processor
DvD drive - 24x DVD+/-RW from Liteon IHAS124-04 OEM Black SATA Quiet
Motherboard - MSI H61M-P31 (G3) Socket 1155 Micro ATX Motherboard
Graphics Card - XFX Double Dissipation Core Edition Radeon HD 7770 AMD Graphics Card - 1GB HD 4K

Power supply - Corsair Builder Series 80+ Bronze CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430W Power Supply (PSU)

Will it hold?
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  1. I'm confused, do you have 1 gpu or 2? If you have one then yes that psu will be fine.
  2. You should be fine. With that cpu (55w) and the 7770 (usually around 75-100w max). That psu shouldn't even break a sweat.
  3. 1 graphics card
  4. No problem there then. Looks like a balanced build.
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