Does anybody know the structure of a Blu-Ray disc?

Hi guys. Recently I bought a copy of AnyDVD HD in order to rip my Blu-Rays and the down-convert them so I can play them on my phone. When I ripped my copy of Fringe and looked inside the Stream folder all I see are media files scattered around and not in any order. I haven't watched the season yet and I want to know if there is some file on the disc that's supposed to tell the disc what order to play the episodes in (there are six of them on the disc, all unmarked). What I'm doing right now is playing the beginning of each episode and trying to figure out what order it is in the series. So far I've got episode 1 and 2 figured out on the first disc but if I continue to do this I'll ruin the story since each episode has a recap of what happened in the previous one.
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  1. Thanks. Is there a way to figure out which order the disc was supposed to play in from the Playlist?
  2. I'm sure there is, but I don't know where to find it. I think they purposely made this difficult to prevent the copying of blu ray discs.

    PLAYLIST directory: contains the Database files for Movie PlayLists.

    xxxxx.mpls files: store information corresponding to Movie PlayLists. One file is created for each Movie PlayList. The filenames of these files are in the form “xxxxx.mpls”, where “xxxxx” is a 5-digit number corresponding to the Movie PlayList.
  3. Ah well then thank you for helping.
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