Can i install GeForce GT610

I have a Dell optiplex GX280, pentium 4, 2.80ghz, 1.49 ram with 210 watts power supply. Can i install a Geforce GT610 graphics card?
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  1. According to this:
    Nvidia recommends at least a 300 watt PSU.

    I wouldn't chance it with only 210.
  2. clarkjd said:
    According to this:
    Nvidia recommends at least a 300 watt PSU.

    I wouldn't chance it with only 210.

    Thank you, i tried the DELL website to find out about replacing the power supply to higher wattage, but they no help whatsoever. I need to upgrade my graphics for a better gaming experience!
  3. If you have an available 5.25 " slot, here is something that may work for you:

    this would not help for lower-end GPU's, those that get their power from the main PSU through the motherboards PCI-E slot(s), but would allow you to step up to beefier GPUs for gaming (cards that require power applied directly to them via 6-pin or 8-pin cables)
  4. Waste of money, the card is probably worth more than the whole PC and the performance upgrade doesn't justify the cost.. Time for you to retire this PC and invest in somehting with a bit more grunt.
  5. Some of the earlier Dells had non standard ATX wiring but I think they moved over to standard wiring in the early 2000s. So yes, you may be able to change the PSU to something a little beefier, even then I'd check the model carefully as the case might be a little odd (the 280s came in several variations, if it is slimline might not be ATX at all).

    I don't know what graphics you have at the moment, if it is the Intel GMA onboard then almost anything would be an upgrade, even a pack of wax crayons.

    However as pointed out, that system is getting very long in the tooth. I would look at the cost of the 610+new PSU and weigh it against something a little more up to date, perhaps a more modern Dell refurb. if funds are really tight.
  6. Thanks guys, been some good replies that have been very helpful.... because i'm jobless at the moment, i was hoping to upgrade my machine bit-by-bit at a slow process rather than buying a new machine i.e. graphics, ram and hdd. But as most decent graphics cards are now min. 300 watt, i guess it would now be cheaper buying a newish/refurb model.
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