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I used a partition manager to free up some space and partition the hard drive for a dual boot option but when I did, I must have deleted the boot sector. It's a mess and I'm getting frustrated I'm using easeus data recovery to recover the missing files do I create a empty partition and copy the files there from a thumb drive?
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  1. Are you sure you didn't set a different hard drive as your boot drive, or even your CDRom device as your only boot drive?

  2. @migrax
    I'm sure because the drive is not reading properly the new partition is there and two additional ones are too, boot(x: ) and system ( c: ). Originally there was only the windows 8 partition and the recovery one. I know a little about CMD so I double checked there it said the same thing. I used a usb drive to recover it with the recovery option and that didn't work neither did refresh or restore back to original. Nothing works but the cmd on that. Tried the options I found here that didn't work and I'm in a location where it is hard to find an original disk so ordering is a no go because we are planning on coming back soon and I can't wait for the shipment because it would tack too long and downloading is too slow. Also, the drive said it was missing a part of the partition and that it was locked.
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    Even if you did delete your boot records in this repartitioning process, you should be able to recreate the boot files using the tools supplied on your installation media. You will need to boot to your installation media, select Troubleshoot, and then Advanced Options; this should bring you to a page from which you can launch the Command Prompt, from which the tools can be launched.

    The tool you are looking for is Bootrec.exe, which will create new boot files and search your system for Windows installations to add to the Boot Configuration Database (BCD). Since it appears your system has had its boot files removed, the simplest option would be to run bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd. Instructions on using /rebuildbcd and the other functions of Bootrec.exe which may be necessary if the BCD is corrupted rather than deleted, or other issues are found, can be found here at Microsoft Support.

    Further modification to the BCD and boot files can be performed using BCDEdit and BCDBoot, which facilitate manual editing of the boot files. Further information on these tools and information on how Windows 8 is installed on a system can be found on the Deliver and Deploy page on the Springboard Site on TechNet
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