Radeon HD 7770 with A105800k

Hi everyone,

I just want to ask if is possible to Hybrid Crossfire a HD Radeon 7770 + A105800k

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    The most powerful card you can use for "dual graphics" is the Radeon HD 6670 or the HD 7670 (same card, different name).
  2. There are rumors that the next-up Richland APU will support dual-graphics with Cape Verdi cores -- not sure I believe them.

    You will be better off investing in the fastest RAMs you can afford to boost the performance of the APU graphics engine.
  3. Sorry.. another question, what would be better for play games, use A10 5800k + HD6670 or use A10 5800k with hd 7770 even i cant Xfire with it?
  4. I have not seen any benchmark results with the integrated Radeon HD 7660D and Radeon HD 6670, but I am confident enough to say that at best it might be as powerful a a Radeon HD 6750. That is less powerful than the Radeon HD 7750 which is basically equal to the HD 6770. Additionally, I would assume the game needs to be able to take advantage of "Dual Graphics" / hybrid crossfire to get the combined performance.

    In a nutshell, you are better off with the Radeon HD 7770.
  5. I would suggest a 65w A10 5700 Trinity APU with 2133MHz RAMs ...

    THOUGH the 5800K with the HD7770 will provide your best gaming performance in latest titles.

    You need to consider the games you will be playing ... and your screen resolution and game settings.
  6. Thanks so much guys!!
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