How to recover data from a broken external hard drive

i have a g2 samsung external hard drive. a media player was burnt while it was connected as it can only whistand 5v. when i tried connecting it to my laptop, the hdd was not detected. Also it didnt work in any way.
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  1. If it's legitimately broke about the only thing you can do is send it to a data recovery center. Which is going to cost you thousands.
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    If you try taking the enclosure apart, you can try plugging it right into a desktop's SATA ports. If that doesn't work, like the guy above said, you'll need to send it to a data recovery center.
  3. By connected to your laptop, Did you remove the drive form its enclosure?

    EDIT.....beat to it by bookwormsy :)

    That is the first thing to try, Sometimes the board that converts USB -> SATA is what fails. In those cases, as long as the drive was not encrypted, you can connect the drive to a desktop/laptop(internally or by E-SATA) and with some luck recover data.

    I still do not see how a media player was burned out, 5 volts is all usb ports expect anyway.
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