Dota2 crash/bluescreen PROBLEM

I think the reason why my Dota2 is always crashing is that theres a bottleneck on my system. I dont remember but i think it started happening since the Big Patch update that Dota2 had then everytime i play it always crash to desktop or sometimes bluescreen of death.

this is my unit:
Mother Board: ASUS P8Z77-VLE PLUS
Processor: Intel Core i5-3550 CPU@3.30GHz
RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333 / PC3-10600 (1 x 4GB)
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 500GB SATA
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
Videocard: EVGA GTX 650 Ti SSC

CAN anyone help me fix this Problem?
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  1. Bottlenecks dont cause game or system crashes, and that 650Ti is nowhere near causing a bottleneck on your i5-3550. Have you overclocked your GPU at all? You may also want to download the latest graphics driver from Nvidia and see if that fixes the problem.
  2. My Nvidia Drivers are Update do you think it might be the RAM?
  3. It might be, have you by any chance written down the error code that you get when your machine gives you a blue screen?
  4. I got a picture of it how can i show it to you?
  5. Hmm, if I am not mistaken that is an error you get when you are not supplying enough voltage to the processor. Have you overclocked your processor at all? It could possibly also be the GPU, is that overclocked? It could really be either one because when you start running DOTA2 both your processor and your GPU are drawing more power.

    Best way to test this is to uninstall your Nvidia drivers and remove your graphics card, and try running the game with the integrated graphics. Obviously you dont want to play it on the integrated, but if the game loads up just fine with no problem then the issue is with your graphics card. Test it out and let me know.
  6. I havent tried to overclocked my processor and my gpu.
    Ive tried playing with a lower type of videocard and i finished a game without any problem but i have to lower my videosettings to inorder to play
  7. Yeah, then I would have to conclude that you got a bad graphics card. I dont know when you bought it but if its possible you may want to try to return it or RMA it.
  8. I bought it on Jan 29, 2013 the first 2-3 weeks im playing was just fine but after a patch from DOTA2 then it started happening
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