need help choosing between these 2 monitor

I ordered these two VS239H-P Black 23" 5ms, IPS for $159
and PA248Q for $259
I will use my monitor for gaming and studying (intense text reading), I would like to hear your recommendation between these two monitor. I dont know if it is worth an extra $100 for the PA248Q even though it is on sale. I'm not going to do any photo editing or any high-end stuff. Just gaming and general use.
Thank you :)
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    The PA248Q is going to give a deeper color/contrast (and is a good price - NewEgg has them for $319). The thing I have found, is for most gaming/test/internet use, you won't notice a huge difference in the monitors. If you are doing video/photo editing, and color matching is of prime concern, you will notice a bigger difference.
  2. I've bought a good number of monitors over ther years. One thing I like to do, if possible, is to view it in person - ie visit best buy, or If close to microcenter or fry's that a good place to go looking. Can always still buy online.

    There can be a fair amount of differences.
    Try to get the higher resolution monitors, they have a better panel generally.
    ie I have a 24" Samsung t240hd that is fantastic (1920 x 1200)

    The vast majority use a TN panel, However the IPS (and PLS) panels are by far much better and have come way down in price.
    For Ex:
    Uses a ISP panel and has a res of 1920 x 1080, 5ms. For the price would be hard to beat.
    NOTE: also check the chections, ie dvi, hdmi, and dataport depending on tyour computer output.

    I'm in the buying mood myself and having a hard time making up my mind on the Asus 27" PLS @$650 or the Auria EQ276W 27" IPS LED Monitor for ONLY $400.
    This is to replace my 32" Samsung LED HDTV that I'm currently using.
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