GTX670 - heat versus noise

Hi everybody - I am having a challenge with GPU temperatures.

I have a EVGA GTX670 with 2GB VRAM.

I recently upgraded my case to:

Additionally, I have a healthy 850W power supply, and a LOT of free, open case room. My case currently has 3 stock fans that come with the case, 200x200mm.

Here's the story - I used hardwareid to gauge my temps.

My case is a cool 20-25c at all times.

My CPU is 30c at idle, and only 50s c at full load, even when running max settings at 2560x1440 resolution.

If I leave the video card on total idle/auto cooling for the card, the noise level is great but the card gets up to temperatures of 79-82 degrees c sometimes at full load.

If I put the fan settings on to go up to 60%, it never goes over mid 60s degrees c, but it's super loud

I would love to have a reasonable temp but also a quiet case. Is my best move to:

1) Realize that 79-82 c is perfectly fine for a GTX 670 (I have seen conflicting notes on the forums of some who say up to 97c is fine, best under 85c, and others who say 80c is bad and kills the card and the mhz)

2) Get up to 3 more case fans to bring the temps potentially even lower (my case is expandable for up to 2 more 200x200mm fans and 1 120x120mm rear fan)

3) Get some kind of cooler for the VGA card specifically (let me know if you recommend anything)

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  1. One thing i'm sure. It's not ok to go on 80C. Your fan is supposed to do the job of cooling, not to be crippled to 60%. If it's to noisy then you may wan't to figure out aditional fans but that won't lower temps by much. Best thing would be watter cooling (most expencive option).

    Keep it under 70 in full load for long life. 97 is just stupid, real stupid comment on internet.
  2. I mean am I doing something wrong? I read all these people who say they have only 60-65c. Is it that they just have loud fans on? I'm a little unsure what the story is or if I'm having a unique problem. If all my parts weren't new and tested I would be less concerned!
  3. gtxheaven said:
    I mean am I doing something wrong? I read all these people who say they have only 60-65c. Is it that they just have loud fans on? I'm a little unsure what the story is or if I'm having a unique problem. If all my parts weren't new and tested I would be less concerned!

    There is no way that stock cooler can hold that GPU temps at 65 without 100% usage. Set your cooler curve in precision tool when to go 100% and when to be on 30%. If you are playing games there is no way you'll hear it at all at 100%. Right?
  4. You don't want a 670 to stay that hot. Thermal throttling takes affect at 70 degrees.

    You have a reference cooler on the card. These are great for the reason that they expel heat out of the back of your case, but are typically noisy and/or not the coolest.

    Do you have a side intake? That would benefit your card's cooling. You may also want to consider if an aftermarket cooler is a good idea. Something like these:

    These will greatly improve cooling and sound, but at the cost of expelling heat into your case instead of out the back. If you've got a case with good airflow (which it sounds like you do) this is not a big concern and as such this may be your best option.
  5. I have the same issue as the OP. I went as far as to move one case fan to the bottom and construct a wind tunnel out of cardboard to feed fresh air directly to the GPU intake fan - zero impact.

    Saw that someone else had the noise, RMA'd it, got a new card, same thing. That cooling solution is just loud and barely adequate. The FTW editions look similar but appear to be quieter fom the videos and reviews I've seen.

    I really regret getting a reference card. Won't happen again!

    Edit: I looked into an Arctic cooler as well, but didn't want to run the risk of trashing it and invalidating the warranty.
  6. If a return was possible, I cannot hear my Gigabyte 670 and it stays a nice and cool 50-60c, even in heavy gaming. It was also one of the cheapest at release, if I could have gotten the Asus DCII I would have, but I am definitely happy with the Gigabyte model.
  7. Noise is relative thing. Different towers, different noise output. What remains same is how many decibells does fan produce. Gigabyte model is different than EVGA model.
    Simillar issue last night with same cards, same fans speed, same temps and resolve was with fan speed increase.
  8. Something is wrong with your card. It should be at around 30C with the fans at silent, even in a terrible case.
  9. 30C at idle you mean? It is at 30C when idle and roughly 60C when operating. It hits 70s C sometimes under really full load, but then generally comes back down.
  10. Also sorry i'm confused - it should be at 30c under full load? Just to be clear, with fan at 30%:

    idle - 32c
    average temp - 65c
    high temp - 79c

    With fan at 50%, the temp never goes above 60-65c no matter what and average is about 52c

    Do you guys really think something is wrong with my card? I want to make sure before I do something extreme like take it out of the case and try to get an exchange at microcenter

    Also, it sounds like adding the three additional case fans is a waste? Or would that maybe help?

  11. Your temps are ok. You can set fan curve to go higher so you could have even lover temps on high load.

    But for noise concern i'm sure it's as it supposed to be. EVGA and other brands differ in construction so it can't be compared to ASUS or Gigabyte models.
  12. No around 30C at idle is normal, as long as you are under 80C under load its fine. I thought you meant you were at those temperatures at idle, that would mean there is something wrong.
  13. Thanks cooky - you guys are really great. Ok - so if i splurged $40 for the three case fans, I wouldn't be able to improve this by 5-10 C? Is it too localized to the GPU? Keep in mind that this would be an additional (1) top fan in addition to adding (2) side fan and (3) rear fan that aren't currently there
  14. Like I said, don't think it would matter. I had a cool air wind tunnel *directly* into the intake and didn't do squat. It's just loud and mediocre.
  15. You are all so helpful. Just one last volley of questions and then I'll consider this solved:

    1) Would you bother trying to replace the stock fan on the video card or is this too much headache for any reward
    2) As a final sanity check, if I run this thing with the really low, noiseless cooling and at full load it's usually in the 60s, with occasional trips up to 75-80c, is that ok or is that bad for my card?

  16. I, personally, wouldn't mess with anything to void the warranty unless you're at the point of chucking it anyway from the noise. If you trash it, tho, it's a great excuse to get a new card!

    Not sure about the 80C thing - that's probably not a good plan.

    What games are you having this issue with? BF3 used to make it scream then I turned on adaptive v-sync (60Hz monitor) and changed from 4xMSAA to High Antialiasing Post (nVidia's TXAA). I don't see enough visual difference to care and it really made things quiet. Only time it gets loud is on Metro when someone smokes out the back escalators...
  17. You're going to chuckle but I play World of Warcraft on all maxed settings. Keep in mind it's at 2560x1440 which actually seems to make a huge difference. If I play any game at 1920x1080, i have very very low video temps. the 2560x1440 gets things to 4m pixels on the screen :)

    It's actually funny because even with Tombraider, also, on maxed settings, I still don't go above the temps I do for Warcraft, even though I know Warcraft is supposed to be a lower graphics demand game

    I won't mess with the warranty but I may try just getting one side fan for fun, since i don't have any fans blowing in to help with circulation
  18. Best answer
    No chuckling at anything running at 1440... not even WoW. Thinking there's no way around the racket at that resolution (I only run 1080). I did the WoW bit for a while, EQ for 7 years, and currently LotRO since it's (mostly) free.

    I dream of one day having a dedicated comm closet to put the PC in so I can't hear *any* noise.
  19. As a post-script on this (this will make you all laugh), I solved my problem using all your tips and help

    So, first, I installed a 200x200mm fan on the top of the case - added just one more to help with intake/outake - believe it or not, even with three fans already in, this bought me another 3-4 degrees C.

    But here's the really funny part - per helpful comments from above, it seemed that the fan on the video card shouldn't be so loud, so I opened the case and ran the system briefly and listened for noise.

    It turned out that a label on one of my cables, just the label, was fluttering inside the fan of the video card, causing super loud noise.

    I just took a pair of scissors and cut the label and now, even at 60% fan, the whole system is whisper quiet.

    Thanks for all your help in troubleshooting - it is hilarious that despite all the digital technology, sometimes the solutions to these things are so simple-minded. It's easy to forget that, after all, these are all just mechanical components.

  20. Hrm - I'll look at mine as well! Did you have to take the GPU cooler's shroud off? Or do you mean a stray cable in your case that ran across the GPU's intake?
  21. Both - well, it was the shroud, the sticker on the cooler itself, and a power cable's little sticky cable.

    It is UNBELIEVABLE how much one little label in the intake products in terms of noise. Additionally, it now runs 10 degrees C cooler!
  22. I'll pull the card's shroud and have a peek when I get home from work.

    I just took a look at a picture of my case interior and don't think it can be anything outside the GPU. Only difference is the lower fan is now on the bottom.

    And, may throw a top fan if it helped even a little. Most tests I saw showed no measurable gain going from 4 fans to 5 but sure it depends case to case.
  23. Cool.

    I think it depends where the fans are.

    For example, I couldn't put a side fan - tried but was too loud for my taste.

    So, instead, I put a second top fan but had one blow in and one out, to try to recreate the same air flow circuit that most people advise

    I think most people already have a side as their third

    i know have:

    top 1 - blowing in
    top 2- blowing out
    rear blowing out
    front - blowing in

    The case and circuitry are 20c even under full load - it's pretty sweet!
  24. Good deal!
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