what's the best graphics card to run arma 3 max settings

Im looking for a good graphics card that can run arma 3 on max settings. So far ive narrowed it down to the 660/660ti.
Any suggestions? (Nothing above 300 $ please)
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  1. Since the game hasn't been released yet, I suggest you speak with your local fortune teller. But the recommended specs list a 560 ti. So either one of those would be fine.
  2. Ok thanks but actually the alpha is out.
  3. kaio37k said:
    Ok thanks but actually the alpha is out.

    Alpha's are just that alphas. They don't run final versions so the hardware demand for the alpha should be taken as a grain of salt. For example, BC2's Alpha and Beta only ran in DX9. Once the game was released, DX10 and DX11 were implemented. So you can get a false system requirements from early versions of a game. Like I said, until the final version is released, when benchmarks and reviews are done, then you will know just how taxing a game will be on hardware.
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